Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Week Highlights part 2

Here are my fav's courtesy of Mahalo Fashion blog..

I am in love with the shoes on the left!! I just wonder if it has a heel on it?!?!


Here is just a taste of the amaziness that Matthew Williamson created
this season! I will get to the amazing clothes in a bit..


Drools.. :)

Now for the CLOTHES!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Here are some of my fav's:
[Bold prints]


Jill Stuart: Sophistication at it's best..



Marc Jacobs: loving the 80s vibe..

[Prints on leggings]

To my surprise Posh's Fall 09' collections has some great pieces..

[Shift dresses]

[Grey & Give it shape]

[High neckline, skin tight and floor length]

The Holy Grail of the Week in my opinion..


[Mini printed dresses]

[Fur around the neck]

[Prints all over]

[Oversized fur coats]

[Stripes & Ruffles]


[Oversized knits]

[Print all over]

[Cocktail dresses]

And last but not least.. the simply beautiful..

[Sheer dresses]

[Cut outs]

[Emphasis on the shoulder]



Fashion Week Highlights..

So the Corpus Presentation was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I loved the Scottish punk feel..

Here are some pictures: (pics courtesy of

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NYC Fashion Week..

Well 'tomorrow' was a bit of a stretch but here it goes!

So, I was suppose to be going back to NYC this week to help assistant style two presentations of lines that my old company reps but because of our stupid economic I am now left to be a slave to blogs like The Satorialist , and Fashionista to keep me in the fashion loop.. Oh what I wouldn't give to be there now!! So sad, but my plan is to move to London next month so hopefully next season!

Here are some images from the lines I was going to be working for:


and then Corpus Fall/Winter 2008:

Your thoughts??

Friday, February 6, 2009

New leaf..

So I have finally decided that after truly becoming a slave to the fashion blogs.. I am going to make it my new goal to get my blog off and running. I figure I am about to go on my next adventure, to London to study and peruse my career dreams! So I'm going do some research and narrow down my ideas and start fresh tomorrow!

Until then..


x x