Thursday, November 27, 2008

NYC Update

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written since I've moved here.. Just goes to show how busy I've been..

Well I've been through so much.. my internship/moving/living in Brooklyn/styling and assisting/ and being through an emotional rollercoaster really i guess..

here are a couple highlight pictures:

yeah that's right.. I got my first pair of Louboutin's!! (For FREE)

from left to right: Syed, and dwarf impersonator of Marilyn Manison, some hot Aussie!.. Halloween Party..

My favorite roomie Amanda and I at the Halloween party as Tina and a Sexy Kitten

Trying on wigs at one of my gigs!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't written since I've moved here.. Just goes to show how busy I've been..

Well I've been through so much.. my internship/moving/living in Brooklyn/styling and assisting/ and being through an emotional rollercoaster really i guess..

here are a couple highlight pictures:

Sunday, August 31, 2008

NYC Bound but still have this lingering love for all things British..

So I start my internship in NYC on Tuesday!!! Can't wait but I have just recently found out that I am in the process of interviews to be apart of the Topshop/Topman flagship store that is going to open up in Soho this Fall! While doing research and had no choice but to do a bit of window-shopping!! lol

Here are my favs I've found:

I really hope I get the position! I just love the thought of having a little taste of Britain in my life.. well at least until my handsome Brit comes over in November!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Shoes..

They are so comfortable and cute.. they even have a little heel..

believe it or not.. these are my first pair of converse ever! i love the gray on black scheme..

I just bought some new shoes!! Such a long time coming.. it's been about in January!! I know crazy right?!?! Your thoughts??

Pictures from the Elevate Magazine Shoot..

Here are some pictures from my shoot last week..

Here are some of the fabulous accessories I used..

and the plane!!!

behind the scenes with the amazing Anna the photographer!

another plane in the hanger.. so nice :)

tropical location for one of the shoots.. and to think its in a local universities greenhouse!!

Really interesting pictures came out of these locations.. thanks for being fabulous everyone! X

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Satorialist Latest Aw-Inspiring Men

Here's my favorite guys featured on The Satorialist blog in the last couple of days..

I love his take on the classic red,white, and blue..

These guys are the epitome of fashion men.. oh how i adore them..

One word: FIT!! This guy is just amazing...

I thought everyone would enjoy this because I mean what is better than a well dressed man?!?!

I have a fashion editorial I am doing these next two days so I will keep you updated with behind the scene pictures of what photo shoots are really like... xoxo

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My favorite pieces from the fall collections of my fav. labels

Here my favs from fall collections of my fav shops!!! Enjoy!!! xoxo

TOPSHOP!! - so many choices but these are my favorites!! I'm in desperate need of a jumpsuit!!

H&M: I love the faux leather skirt!!

Intermix: the first three are from the line Elizabeth and James and the jacket is from DSquared

American Apparel

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Creative Juices are Flowing..

So I got a styling job here in Charlotte with a lifestyle publication! I'm really excited about the impending shoot.. in two words it will be Fierce and Fabulous!!! Can't wait.. I'll keep you updated with pictures from the shoot and whatnot...

Oh and sorry about putting up the pictures from my D.I.Y. projects but I will soon I promise!!



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Products of Boredom...

So basically out of sheer boredom I started doing so "D.I.Y" projects I went surfing through my closet and found great pair of black skinny jeans, and some old blue jean jeans with a rip in the butt of the right side and I made some cute cut-off shorts with them. I also took one of my brother's tall tees and turned it into a cute dress...

I will post pictures tomorrow.. Hope you like them but here are some images that inspired my creativity..

This picture is from the Hand It Over blog.. she's just so effortless

This image is from the latest issue of French Vogue, this editorial is just in one word, FIERCE!! :)

This image is from the "That's Just My Vibe" blog, I love what she did to those jeans.. just fabulous!!

Until tomorrow..



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decision Time..

So I finally chose an internship... drum roll...........

I chose an internship with a fashion pr company for new amazing and truly inspiring designers!! I can't wait to start there at the end of August!! It's going to just make life a million times better!!! After I chose this internship, I set down to reflect and realized it was the obvious choice all along. Though it is not paid, but I would receive in terms of professional and life experience superseded all the others ten fold and free clothes definitely aren't a bad trade off!! lol

Can't wait.. so close to another new beginning!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Life is Definitely Looking Up..

So i have 3 internship offers and 2 interviews I fell are going in a positive direction.. Plus my lover has gotten a promotion and just that much closer to coming over!! Can't wait!! I was writing to say my blog is about to take a new direction once I move to NYC.. it will be more fashion, fashion and more fashion!! Can't actually wait.. and out my loves occasionally too.. :D

so my life is DEFINITELY looking up!!!

finally.. lol

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ray of Light in a Dark Week

So I've been going through a lot this week dealing with my relationship.. but today after all the resumes and cover letter's I have been sending out I finally have an interview. I actually stumbled across this designers website at like 3 or 4am one morning this week and I have been in talks with the people today. I am interviewing for a Sales and Marketing intern position. I really hope everything goes well.. with everything really professional and romantic.. though I'm hoping for both to end amazingly!!

It is pretty nice to be a bit more optimistic!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Alone...

I had the weirdest day today.. I went with my family to the mall to search for a job and I swear I almost had a panic attack!! I think it was all the people.. the uber-american crowds of people. I am just so use to creative/stylish people and and I was back in the "crombie" world. I guess I'll just readjust but i mean NYC is only 6 weeks away so I'll be back around people that inspire me again!! Also, it's been almost a week since I've seen my bubbs and it's just not getting better..

I just hope it does soon...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

P.S. I love you

So I finally watched the movie!!! Boy, was it worth it.. I seriously cried the whole way through. It was such a beautiful movie though. I love movies that make you believe in hope. I'm such a sap I guess, that's probably why I love The Notebook so much. I think every person wants that kind of love..the one where you can't eat, can't sleep, and can't even imagine life being 1/5 a good as it is when your with them. So before I get too emotional, I will leave on that note sayings.. just remember "All you need is Love"... xoxo

It's Nearing that time..

So as my lovely bubbs pointed out to me today I have but 18 days left until my adventures in Manchester come to an end... I am losing so much this time.. I swear since I started uni I always just seem to keep losing the people that I come to love and adore. I mean don't get me wrong I miss my friends and family terribly.. but then I actually love my life here. I am doing what I love (styling), traveling, and being around amazing people who have helped me become an even better person than I ever thought I could be. My friends here though few, have taught me so much about life. Before I came here, I would have never considered myself narrow minded, or closed from experiences. Well I guess that's wear believing you can do something is different than actually doing it. It's so hard right now.. from one end my friends and family from home are so excited about my return then here my friends and boyfriend are terribly upset. I mean I have been with my bubbs for almost 3 years now and it just truly unfair really. Though I am young, and people always say there's always someone else out there for you, I know in my heart that my bubbs is "The One." It is the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced.

I know that my move to NYC in August is going to be life changing but that change was suppose to happen with him, you know?? NYC is such a scary place, the thought of me living there on my own is terrifying. I feel like I'm going to get lost, or become cold and distant. I want to have a new experience, a life altering one you know?? But who is so say this experience is going to be good and the optimistic side of me says who's to say it's going to be bad. I am really looking forward to starting my journey to my "adult" life. I got into the program at FIT and have already found some certificate programs in styling that should help me develop my skills. I hope the contacts I have in NYC will give me that edge in the industry. I so look forward to what's the next chapter in my life..

I guess this thing is helpful.. I just hope what's next includes more stability, if only for a bit you know.. because I'm realizing I have just about everything I've ever wanted.. love, happiness, amazing friends, and crazy yet loving family, and so much time ahead of me..

I guess only time will tell... xoxo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So like most women out there, I went to see the Sex and the City movie last week with my girlie's from The Old Bank.. Needless to say the movie was amazing!! I mean not in that Oscar/Cannes/Sundance winning film kind of way but as a loyal viewer and fan of the show it definitely exceeded my expectations!! Carrie,Charlotte,Samantha,and Miranda were back and more glamorous,wealthy,and fabulously amazing than ever. After much thought I have decided that the wedding scene was from a fashion lover's favorite set of garments that the ladies wore. Carrie's Vivienne Westwood couture bridal gown was perfection. By before the movie not necessarily being a fan of the designer's work THAT dress make me think twice. The cut,color choice,fit, fabric was just beautiful. Usually in weddings the bride looks the best and then there are the cliche tacky bridesmaid dresses, Carrie (or the legendary Patricia Field) would not have it. The ladies however, after a bit of research I found out that they wore gowns by Zac Posen from his Spring 2008 collection. ( really stands a statement to him and his range of garments for women. Especially since we as fans identify so much with the show and its characters, the dresses just translate so well into that settings.

Weddings are such a taboo thing for women to love, but for me it's just a party that has beautiful gowns and just a reason to celebrate and have a good time enjoying the one's you love. Many people think that because of my complex relationship with my Bubbs, that we should be engaged or married already. We both just feel were too young but in the sense of stablility and security. We want a big wedding.. and we both know right now that's just not going to happen anytime soon. So we wait!! One day we'll have an amazing wedding and I can reassure my friends and potential bridesmaids, " you will look just as amazing as the women of SATC and better!!" hehe I've attached a picture of the ladies.. just look and drool... ;)