Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Products of Boredom...

So basically out of sheer boredom I started doing so "D.I.Y" projects I went surfing through my closet and found great pair of black skinny jeans, and some old blue jean jeans with a rip in the butt of the right side and I made some cute cut-off shorts with them. I also took one of my brother's tall tees and turned it into a cute dress...

I will post pictures tomorrow.. Hope you like them but here are some images that inspired my creativity..

This picture is from the Hand It Over blog.. she's just so effortless

This image is from the latest issue of French Vogue, this editorial is just in one word, FIERCE!! :)

This image is from the "That's Just My Vibe" blog, I love what she did to those jeans.. just fabulous!!

Until tomorrow..



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Wendy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and feature. Can't wait to see your denim.