Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A bit of a gloomy day...

So I had a slow day just work and sleep.. but I did take advantage and rocked the all black look.. I decided to mix romantic and edge together and this is what it looked like...

(dress, leggings,bracelet, Forever 21; shoes, Miss Selfridges; hat, Topman; ring Hot Topic)

So on another note I start my second job this week so saving for London is definitely going to start picking up! Can't wait London 09' !!!

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Jules said...

hey you!

glad you stopped by, im going to the KOl concert in Charlotte this thursday. I plan on wearing some destroyed jean shorts and a cadet military like shirt i found at a thrift store or maybe a dress i have had in my closet wasting away but its going to be hot so i suggest wearing something baring the legs def.; but its a rock concert so u cant go wrong with a t shirt and jean shorts and a loads of jewelry
nice blog you have here!